Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Car Show...

I went to a car show. It was fun. I saw some cool cars, like these pictures. They had cool kinds of motorcycles too. Check out these pictures.

I stood next to a Mazda race car. I have never seen a real race car. I was so excited.

I am driving a blue Hummer. It is fun.

I was scared when I first saw that Hummer. And then when I stood under it, it was so fun that I wanted to keep the Hummer.

You can see me in the reflection here.

I pretended to drive this car. It was very fun.

If you can see that they put a little tiny play toy car on top of the engine. It looked funny. I laughed.

I liked this Mustang. It has my favorite colored stripes. And I like racing stripes.

I think this is a cool motorcycle. It's kind of like a motorcycle mixed with a scooter. It looked cool.

This is a Dodge Viper engine. It is very cool. The hood lifts up the opposite way of other cars. It lifts up going like this (Jack made a diagram with his hand.)

This is kind of like Wallace and Grommits bike. It looks like it has a car trunk, and it has two wheels in the back and one wheel in the front.