Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My Slime Adventure...

I want to tell you about my slime adventure, which is the title. Of course you all know about slime. But sometimes slime can be different than other slimes. There is glitter slime, any kind of slime you like. Sometimes slimes are even gooier than other slimes. So sour, if you added alllll a bag into any kind of slime, it would explode. Sometimes, if you add just the right amount, it cannot explode.

Now let me explain you the instructions.

So we had 4 cups of slime. We had some copper strips. We had a few nails. We had electrical wire. We put them in all the cups of slime. It was awesome! Once we put put the light on, I saw it was dim the first time. Then we added the sour was SO bright.

Sometimes it's fun making little experiments. Try your own at home, but ASK YOUR MOM.

PS. Don't explode your house!

Your house....I think you shouldn't explode. ASK YOUR MOM AND DAD, AND ASK THEM NICELY, so you can do this experiment at home.

Come over to my house, maybe you can do it with me too. It's really fun. Lets make a different slime this time. Maybe we can make the "World Best Slime."

We made a whole maggie of slime (see picture.) We have tons of stuff left for other slime. Slime is like the best thing in the whole wide world. Sometimes it's even slipperier than ice on a rooftop while you're working on it. Sometimes it's even slipperier than anything in the whole wide world.

Well, I gotta go. See ya. Have fun with your slime experiment. Bye.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

my sledding trip

i went sledding yesterday. it was fun.