Sunday, April 29, 2007

About my self...

This is of course my Jacksons wepsite. Thank you for looking. Email me back when you are done reading.

For hours and hours I could...

--Intive friends over.

I feel best about myself...
--I built something really cool.
--When something is working I just made or something.

I absolutely cannot stand...
--When I build an invention and it doesn't work.
--In Legos, when the wheel brushes up against something, and it doesn't work.

I am afraid of...
--If I'm on a submarine, I'm afraid it might spring a leak.

I love to splurge by...
--Go swimming.
--Stay up late.

I save by...
--Doing jobs.
--Not buying anything.
--Working with my mom and dad.
--Collecting coins.

I am trying to work on...
--An invention.
--Using my moon shoes.

In grades school...
--I do centers.
--I do outside recess and inside recess.
--I do Math.
--I do Science.

In college...
--I am going to study vehicles in college.

I feel I'm a good boy when...
--When I help somebody.
--When I help them do something.
--Cleaning up around the house.

I regret...

I could never have too many...
--Cars...vehicles I mean.
--Feet, that would be awesome.